Visit these Web sites for additional information:

AMERICAN INLINE -- This company conducts kids' camps that teach in-line and aggressive in-line skating, skateboarding, BMX/freestyle and mountain biking, and roller hockey. When not held at skate parks, the camps use portable equipment at recreational centers and parks around the area. Visit the Web site for a schedule of this summer's remaining camps, along with registration information.

INTERNATIONAL INLINE SKATING ASSOCIATION -- In-line skaters will find a wealth of information here, including basic tips, places to skate, laws and advocacy.

RESTON SKATE PARK ALLIANCE -- This organization, which is trying to get a skate park built in Reston, offers lots of sources and suggestions for others studying the viability of a community skate park. The frequently updated "Mother of All Skatemaps" includes details about more than 80 existing and planned skate parks in the District, Maryland and Virginia.

SKATEBOARDDIRECTORY.COM -- Read up on the sport's latest trends, events, clothing, magazines, etc.

SKATEBOARD SCIENCE -- Check out the educational side of skateboarding, including the principles behind popular tricks.

SKATEPARK ASSOCIATION OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA -- This Santa Monica, Calif.-based, nonprofit organization provides free information to groups and individuals hoping to start skateparks.

SKATEBOARDPARK.COM -- This international skate park directory includes 900 listings.

SKATEBOARDPARKS.COM -- Along with a list of 513 skate parks (verified by the Web site) around the country, includes information about builders, athletes and events, including photos.

UNITED SKATEBOARDING ASSOCIATION -- Get the latest information on competitions along the East Coast.

-- Mary Jane Solomon