Getting kids to wear sunglasses isn't always easy.

Here are some tips from ophthalmologists William Potter of Greenwich, Conn., and Leslie Doctor of Norwalk, Conn. Both are parents who regularly see children in their practices.

* Fit is critical. If the glasses slip a lot or are too tight for your child's nose, chances are she'll resist wearing them.

* Make sunglasses part of your family's regular sun protection ritual. Wear your own sunglasses and put them on your children as you prepare to head outdoors.

* If your children still resist wearing sunglasses, at least insist on a brimmed hat. "A baseball cap tends to work best," Doctor says.

* Be mindful that kids are trend-conscious. Boys, Doctor says, might favor eyewear made by an athletic-wear manufacturer or a popular gaming company. Girls might go for Disney lenses encrusted with tiny rhinestones or the trendy pink lenses with silver metal frames featured in the Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen line available at Wal-Mart ($11.99).

* While fashion lenses are fine if they have 100 percent UV/UVA protection, try to stick with colors like brown, green and gray, says Doctor. They tend to offer the best protection.

* Other good options for encouraging wear (and discouraging loss) include neck cords on which to hang glasses. Some manufacturers, such as Baby Banz, are beginning to show junior lenses with hook-and-loop bands that wrap around the head. These are a good choice for tykes prone to removing glasses.

* Consider the wraparound style favored by athletes such as cyclist Lance Armstrong and golfer David Duval. Potter says that besides providing an element of cool, they also protect against indirect light coming in on the sides of the lenses.

-- Beth Cooney