Rick Adams does a lot of funny things with kids who call his radio show. Here is a live conversation with a girl who called to request a song. His voice was put through a machine that made it sound robotic.

Rick Adams: Hello.

Caller: Hi.

Rick: You are now through the Interactive Radio KOL Hotline. If you would like to make Rick explode, push number 8.

Caller: What?

Rick: If you would like Rick to explode, push the number 8.

Caller: No, I don't want you to explode. I'm not going to press the number 8.

Rick: Oh go on.

Caller: Wait, um, hi.

Rick: Push the number 8.

Caller: Why?

Rick: Push number 8 to continue.

Caller: All right. Beep.

Rick: Hello, I'm Rick and I [explosion sounds] Arrggh! What did you push number 8 for? If you'd like to continue, push 3.

Caller: What?

Rick: Push 3 to continue.

Caller: Oh again? Beep.

Rick: Please enter your song request now.

Caller: Um. "Supernatural."

Rick: Thank you for choosing Busted and "Thunderbirds Are Go." And thank you for calling the Radio KOL Hotline. Please make your shout-out now.

Caller: Um. I don't have one.

Rick: Good-bye. Thank you for calling.

Caller: Wait!!!

Rick: Click.