Fires Threaten Homes

* Firefighters in California and Alaska are fighting wildfires that have burned thousands of acres of land and could burn hundreds of homes.

About 175 families near Los Angeles have been moved out of their houses as high winds and dry trees have helped spread flames. Another fire north of Los Angeles forced 1,600 people out of their homes.

People aren't the only ones affected by the fires. Habitats for the spotted owl and California condor and a refuge that is home to 1,000 dogs and other animals are in jeopardy.

The fires have been caused by nature and by people. A fire in Yosemite National Park started when lightning struck some trees. Another California fire ignited when a red-tailed hawk flew into a power line. A 3,667-acre fire was started by a man who was target shooting.

In Alaska, they're having one of their worst fire seasons ever. About 3.6 million acres of land have burned in more than 100 fires, mostly in places where no people live. One fire, not far from the capital of Fairbanks, is close to the homes of about 150 people.

Firefighters lead Baby, a potbellied pig, out of harm's way in Santa Clarita, California.