Dear Heloise:

With online financial services, subscription Web sites, e-mail lists and catalogue sites that all require passwords, and work-related sites with three separate passwords that change every four to six weeks, I was running out of passwords that I could remember but hackers couldn't easily guess.

Then I thought of hymns and Bible verses. Take a passage that you've memorized -- for instance, "The Lord is my shepherd" -- and make a password from just the first letter of each word -- tlims. When you have to change that password, you just go to the next line, and so on.

You can vary the capitalization rules or even put in the punctuation marks so that you would have different passwords. With the huge number of songs, poems, etc., that people have memorized through the years, the number of possible passwords is huge, but each person can easily remember which ones he or she uses.

Mary Arneson, via e-mail

Mary, this is a good way keep track of passwords. It's also smart to add a number or two to vary the password.

Dear Heloise:

I don't like magnets on my refrigerator, but I do have some favorite ones. The inside of my medicine-chest mirror is metal, and it is here that I put my favorite magnets -- I see them every day as I open the cabinet for my toothbrush and toothpaste. My favorites to see are the magnetic frames holding pictures of my nephew, Sam.

Carolyn Hubenak

West Columbia, Tex.

Dear Heloise:

Is there anything that can be done with unused hair conditioner?

Caroline, via e-mail

One of the best uses for hair conditioner is as a lather when shaving your legs. Anyone else out there have any ideas on what to do with conditioner? We will pick the top 10 ideas and send those people a set of Heloise pamphlets. So, send in your suggestion now to one of the addresses below. Mark it Attn: Heloise/Conditioner or. if you send it via e-mail, put that in the subject line.

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