Hey, Mom, Watch

Where You're Stepping!

* Ouch!

A day-old rhinoceros at a zoo in Germany suffered a broken leg last week after his mother stepped on his foot. The baby rhino, named Patna, will have to wear a plaster cast on his left front leg for up to five weeks, zookeepers said yesterday.

It's not the first time that Patna's mom, Betty, has had an unfortunate accident with one of her babies. In 2002 she "killed her first child by treading on the baby shortly after birth," zookeeper Ingolf Kastierke said.

Patna, the second rhino born at the Berlin zoo this year, was seen limping the morning after his birth. Fortunately, the injury was easy to treat and a full recovery is expected. In the meantime, Patna has put on 11 pounds in less than a week! He'll soon be doing some tromping of his own.

All You Can Eat

* Speaking of hearty appetites . . .

Rich LeFevre won the title of World Watermelon Eating Champion in Brookville, Ohio, Saturday by downing more than 11 pounds of the slurpy treat. His wife, Carlene, ate nearly 10 pounds to claim second place.

The rules of the contest were simple: Eat as much as you can in 15 minutes, and don't upchuck.

Patna has a cast on his left leg.