"Maria Full of Grace," an astonishing and even spiritual film, is about the harrowing ordeal of a young Colombian woman who agrees to be a drug "mule," smuggling heroin pellets inside her stomach. A movie not to be missed. See review on Page 33.

-- Desson Thomson


"1460 Wall Mountables," the D.C. Arts Center's annual exhibition open to all comers with a hammer and a nail, is particularly good this year. That may have something to do with the fact that a board member (who's also a serious collector) made a few calls soliciting some of the area's finer artists to join in. The participation by Graham Caldwell, Dan Steinhilber and others was just the "honey" needed to attract some interesting "flies." The show is up through Aug. 22. Call 202-462-7833.

-- Michael O'Sullivan


On Wednesday at 7:30, Strathmore Hall hosts a free outdoor concert tribute to Emmylou Harris, the Grammy-winning singer who got her start in Washington clubs in the late '60s. The featured singers are Wammie-winners Sally Love, Dede Wyland and Ruth Logsdon, backed by such fine pickers as Dudley Connell and Rickie and Ronnie Simpkins. Expect a glorious brew of bluegrass, country and Americana. Call 301-530-0540.

-- Richard Harrington

Catalina Sandino Moreno in the wonderful "Maria Full of Grace."