Bubbling Over

With Excitement

* Blow, blow, blow. POP!

That's the story of Arielle Rosmarino's life, and that doesn't bother the 12-year-old bubble-blower at all. The girl from Roanoke County, Virginia, can routinely blow bubbles 15 to 17 inches across, her mom says. Her record is a 21-inch bubble.

Tomorrow, Arielle will be blowing bubbles on national television for a chance to win a $10,000 savings bond and $5,000 for charity. She'll be competing against five other kids during a segment on the "Weekend Today" show.

Not everyone can be a champion blower, but Arielle does have a few tips to make your bubbles bigger. First, chew all the flavor and sugar out of bubble gum. "Once the taste is gone, you're ready to blow," she told the Roanoke Times. She starts with three pieces of gum and chews for about a half-hour. Then she folds it over in her mouth so that it's flat and thick. Then she sticks her tongue into the wad and blows.

Of course, at some point, the bubble has to burst. But you "gotta love bubbles," Arielle said.

Champion contender Arielle Rosmarino, 12, shows her bubble-blowing form.