Lemonade Fundraiser

Alexandra Scott Dies

* Alexandra Scott, the 8-year-old girl with cancer who started a lemonade stand to raise money to fight the disease, died Sunday.

Alex, as she liked to be called, had cancer since she was a year old. When she was about 4, she had her first lemonade sale. She raised $2,000 for cancer research that first summer.

KidsPost wrote about Alex in June after lemonade sales for cancer research were held in all 50 states. One stand in Alex's home town in Pennsylvania raised $37,500.

Alex hoped to raise $1 million through lemonade sales. So far this year, the total is $750,000, said her father, Jay Scott.

Talk to the Animals

* Dr. Dolittle wanted to talk to the animals. British biologists are actually doing it. "We have been croaking to our tree frogs for about two weeks now," said Robin Mulford, a biologist at an oceanarium in England. Why? "They respond and it makes it easier to find them."

Speak Out

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Alexandra Scott's lemonade stands raised money for cancer research.