Mourning Milly

Several hundred mourners showed up at Millicent Kondracke's funeral yesterday morning, filling St. Columba's Episcopal Church in Northwest Washington. The 64-year-old wife of Roll Call Executive Editor and Fox News Channel's Morton Kondracke died on July 22 of complications from the Parkinson's disease she was diagnosed with in 1988 -- a journey her husband chronicled in his 2001 book, "Saving Milly: Love, Politics, and Parkinson's Disease."

Actor Michael J. Fox, a Parkinson's sufferer who promotes outreach and research, addressed the crowd, which included White House Chief of Staff Andrew Card, Fox News's Brit Hume, Kondracke's fellow "Beltway Boy" and Weekly Standard Executive Editor Fred Barnes, Standard editor and publisher Bill Kristol, The Post's Charles Krauthammer, Sen. Elizabeth Dole (R-N.C.), and the Wall Street Journal's Al Hunt. According to attendees, Fox told the gatherers that having Parkinson's is worse than being hit by a bus. It's "like standing in the middle of the street, knowing the bus is coming and you can't move." What made Milly so different is "she decided to direct traffic."

Jacques Going to the Chapel

Human Rights Campaign President Cheryl Jacques took time off from her crusade for same-sex marriage to tie the knot herself Sunday.

Jacques, 42, and her partner of nearly seven years, Jennifer Chrisler, 33, were married in a Boston hotel in a ceremony presided over by sister-in-law Katherine Jacques, a justice of the peace, and their friend, the Rev. Miriam Gelfer, an Episcopal priest. The happy couple were walked down the aisle by their twin sons, Timmy and Tommy, 2, and Jacques's father, Norman -- who, when Jacques came out to her family nearly a decade ago, stopped speaking to her for three years. "My father is a wonderful, wonderful example of hope and inspiration for thousands of gay and lesbian kids out there" whose parents initially are skeptical of their sexuality, Jacques told The Post's David Montgomery from her honeymoon in Maine.

As head of one of the largest lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgendered political groups, Jacques has been trying to beat back attempts to amend the U.S. Constitution to define marriage as only being between a man and a woman. "We have felt married in our hearts for a long time," she said, but "we wanted to be legally married as well."

The family lives in Silver Spring but has remained legal residents of Massachusetts, where Jacques was a state senator for 11 years. Alas, the honeymoon will be brief -- she's due back in the fray in Washington today.

For Cruise, Dates but No Timetable

Tom Cruise finally knows what he wants to be when he grows up . . . the best darn guy he can be. "I want to be the best friend. I want to be the greatest father. I want to be the greatest son. I want to be the greatest boyfriend there ever was," he candidly told E! Entertainment Television in an interview that aired Sunday. Note, that's "boyfriend," not husband.

But not so fast -- he can do it all! Yesterday, British tabs reported that Cruise said: "I know I'll get married again one day." And whom might Wonder Guy marry? He was willing to narrow the field this much: "I love women."

Noted . . .

David Chappelle fans are smiling over Comedy Central's decision to continue his show for two more seasons -- but after the rumored $50 mill deal he just inked, we're sure the comedian is grinning from ear to ear, too.

. . . and Quoted

"Who'd want another me running around anyway?"

-- Sharp-tongued "American Idol" judge Simon Cowell, making a fairly good point to London's Daily Mirror, rationalizing why he doesn't want to start a family anytime soon.

-- Compiled by Anne Schroeder

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Richard Leiby is on vacation.

Human Rights Campaign President Cheryl Jacques, front left, married partner Jennifer Chrisler in Massachusetts in a ceremony witnessed by family and friends.