Statue of Liberty

Reopens After 3 Years

* Lady Liberty is welcoming people again.

Yesterday, visitors went into the Statue of Liberty for the first time since the terror attacks of Sept. 11, 2001. But trips to the crown of the 151-foot-high statue are off-limits because the curving staircase inside the statue isn't considered safe.

Still, visitors can go inside the statue and as high as the top of the pedestal on which the statue stands. That's about the same as a 16-story building. The pedestal also has a museum about the statue's history.

The statue was a gift from the French people to the United States. Construction began in France in 1875. The statue was shipped to the United States in more than 200 crates, then reassembled in New York and dedicated in 1886.

Liberty Island, the 12-acre park that includes the statue, is in New York Harbor. Visitors can take ferry boats to the island, which reopened about three months after the attacks.

Security around the statue is very tight. Visitors must go through metal detectors before they board the ferry and again when they reach the island.

Visitors can see the inside of the statue from the base.