The Olympic Games start next week, and athletes from around the world will be running, swimming and flipping their way to gold, silver and bronze medals.

The Olympics are always fun and exciting. This year they're historic, too, because they're in Greece, where the Games were founded about 3,000 years ago. (No one knows the exact date, but records of competitions date to 776 B.C.) The Games were revived in 1896 in Greece.

Today KidsPost holds its own Olympic competition, testing your knowledge of the Games -- both ancient and modern. Winners will get cool prizes (sorry, no medals). Answers will be published sometime during the Games.

The Ancient Games

1. How did the Olympic Games get their name?

2. What did athletes in the Ancient Games wear?

3 What were the three requirements of those who wanted to compete?

4. What prize did winners receive?

5. What year did the Ancient Games end?

The Modern Games

6. How many sports were in the 1896 Olympics?

7. In what year was the first gold medal awarded?

8. Who is the "father of the modern Olympic Games"?

9. What does the Olympic flag symbolize?

10. Women first competed in the Summer Games in 1900 in two events. Name the two sports.

11. Since 1896 the Summer Olympics have not been held three times. In what years were the Games canceled?

12. The first official Olympic mascot was a dachshund named Waldi. What Games did he represent?

13. What is the largest number of gold medals won by one athlete during a single Olympics?

14. How many athletes will compete in the 2004 Games?

15. What are the host cities for the 2006 Winter Games and the 2008 Summer Games?

Send your answers to KidsPost, The Washington Post, 1150 15th St. NW, Washington, D.C. 20071. Or e-mail: (with "Olympics" in the subject field). Include your name, age, address and phone number. Ten readers who get all the answers correct will each win a KidsPost T-shirt, a Washington Post Olympics 2004 pin, and an Athens 2004 backpack from the Greek Embassy. (If there are more than 10 winning entries, we'll draw names at random.) The deadline for entries is Friday, Aug. 13, the day of the Opening Ceremonies!