After years bouncing around major labels with no album release to show for it, Brooklyn's Non Phixion wisely took its thuggish style into its own hands, transforming itself into a prolific underground force. The tireless rappers hit the stage Wednesday night at Club 2001 inside Bohemian Caverns, hours after a Warped Tour gig at Nissan Pavilion.

The group still had an overnight trek to Pittsburgh ahead of it, but with the crush of bands on the overpopulated Warped Tour, a headlining spot was surely a treat.

The clique's set was rambunctious, and the opener, "Rock Stars," had fans in a frenzy. "Thinking where I'm going be in 2007," rapped Ill Bill, Non Phixion's formidable ringleader. "Either a house in the Hamptons or a house in heaven."

There was talk of Terminator-like cyborgs in "Futurama" and eerie lines of obedience in "Cult Leader." As Ill Bill rapped over rock- and metal-influenced hip-hop tracks, his eyes widened and his face winced as if he were blowing up a super-size balloon.

He was aided by rhyme partner Sabac Red, DJ Eclipse and rapper Q-Unique, who stepped in for absent group member Goretex. The menacing Ill Bill is known for a cocksure attitude and verbal threats, but the burly MC was a bit under the weather Wednesday night. "I got strep throat right now," he announced to the crowd. But that didn't keep him from leading the crowd in call-and-response chants.

Near the show's conclusion, Sabac Red joined impassioned, politically charged MC Immortal Technique for "Fight Until the End." Non Phixion did just that with a brawling style until the night's close.

-- Craig Smith