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Junior Birdman

* "Riding on an airplane really is magic. The takeoff is exhilarating. Your stomach churns in nervousness as the plane spreads its wings."

A student from Carl Sandburg Middle School in Fairfax wrote that. If you've ever flown, you know the feeling.

Because flying is such an amazing experience, the people who run two of our major airports -- Washington Dulles International and Ronald Reagan Washington National -- want to share the thrill. So they've added a kids page to their Web site, with lots of neat facts, fun activities and comments from unnamed students.

There are printable maps and a journal so that you can track and write about your flight. You can also read about the two airports and the men they're named after, and learn how to build a paper plane.

There also are links to other aviation Web sites, some with puzzles and mazes. The Federal Aviation Administration site has neat stuff for older kids (including brainteasers for teens) and a list of books about aviation.

So what are you waiting for? Put your seat in the upright position and prepare for takeoff. Then go to www.mwaa.com and click on "kids page" on the right side of the screen.

Fasten your seatbelt: A plane takes

off from Reagan Washington National.