Baseball (CC). Texas at Baltimore (CSN, 4:30).

MLS Soccer (CC). Columbus at New England (ESPN2 at 4); D.C. at San Jose (CSN at 10).

X Games (CC). Day 3 of coverage live from Los Angeles (ESPN at 2; Channel 7 at 4; ESPN at 9).

Public Affairs

The Novak Zone. Columnist Jack W. Germond discusses being "fed up with politics." (CNN, 9:30 a.m.).

Weekend Live With Tony Snow. Stephen Gale and former FBI assistant director William Gavin look at the latest terrorism arrests, and country singer Charlie Daniels defends himself and his music against charges of bigotry (FNC at noon).

The Beltway Boys on the new terror warnings, the drop in President Bush's job approval ratings and the campaign ad wars. (FNC at 6).

To the Contrary With Bonnie Erbe. Topics include memory loss in menopausal women and women shunning MBAs (Channel 32, 6:30).

Fox News Watch discusses journalists' responsibilities when covering terrorism, plus the 30th anniversary of Richard Nixon's resignation (FNC, 6:30).

The Capital Gang (CC) weighs in on terrorism warnings, plus Bush vs. Kerry in Missouri (CNN at 7).

The McLaughlin Group. Panelists debate the motivations behind the latest terrorism alert (Channel 4, 7:30).

Public Broadcasting

Magic Moments: The Best of '50s Pop. Mary Lou Metzker hosts this concert special featuring performances by Pat Boone, Debbie Reynolds, Patti Page and the McGuire Sisters, who perform for the first time together since 1967 (Channel 26 at 8).

Prime-Time Movie

The Replacements (2000) (CC). Keanu Reeves stars as a third-rate football player who gets a chance to play in the big-time during a strike. Three hours (Channel 4 at 8).

Cable Series Premiere

The Venture Brothers. Hank and Dean Venture travel to exotic locales, where they encounter zombie mummies, crazed alligators and peculiar supervillains (Cartoon Network at 11).

Late Night

Saturday Night Live (CC) (R). Hosted by Kelly Ripa, with music by OutKast (Channel 4, 11:30).

Keanu Reeves gets his shot in "The Replacements," on Channel 4 at 8.