Hilton Heiresses' Home Burglarized

Police confirmed Friday that they were investigating a burglary at the rented Hollywood, Calif., home of everyone's favorite overexposed heiresses, the Hilton sisters. The burglar entered the home of Paris and Nicky Hilton on Wednesday and made off with a laptop, cash and more than $100,000 in jewelry, according to Us Weekly.

The magazine also quoted an unnamed source as saying the burglar took more than just cash and expensive baubles. Apparently also missing were a bunch of Nicky Hilton's designer handbags, and photographs and videotapes of Paris Hilton with ex-boyfriend Nick Carter. No word on the content of those tapes, but let's hope the sequel to "One Night in Paris" doesn't show up on the Internet anytime soon.

Paris told reporters that she had already planned to move soon into a newly purchased Hollywood Hills home with more security. In the meantime, she will be busy finishing up her first album and several movies.

Bobby Fischer's Next Move

Former world chess champion Bobby Fischer plans to renounce his U.S. citizenship, according to his lawyer, Masako Suzuki. Fischer, 61, was detained in Tokyo's Narita Airport last month for attempting to travel to Manila on what officials said is an invalid U.S. passport. Fischer is to be deported to the United States, but he said in a handwritten letter that he wants the U.N. to register him as a refugee while he seeks citizenship from another country.

The United States has wanted Fischer in custody since 1992, when he violated U.S. economic sanctions against Yugoslavia by traveling there and winning $3 million in a match against Soviet chess master Boris Spassky. Fischer vanished for nearly a decade, resurfacing after the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks. He told listeners of a Philippine radio station that he wanted to see America "wiped out."

Noted . . .

Madonna wants to spread the message of kabbalah to kids. Esther, as the singer is known in the religious sect's circles, is plunking down $21.6 million to start the Kabbalist Grammar School for Children in New York, according to the London Sun. For about $3,600 per semester, students will get a basic education and learn about the Jewish mystical movement that dates to the 12th century . . . Actress, singer and ex-Catwoman Eartha Kitt suffered minor injuries Thursday morning when her Land Rover collided with another vehicle and her SUV flipped over in Westport, Conn., about five miles from her home. Kitt, 77, was treated and released from a local hospital. Her two pet poodles were reportedly unharmed in the accident . . . In what should make for a interesting future installment of "Behind the Music," the founding members of '80s metal band Megadeth are suing each other. Bassist David Ellefson claims that guitarist David Mustaine has wrongfully taken the bulk of the band's income, cut Ellefson out of music and merchandizing revenues, and libeled him on an online posting. Mustaine's countersuit claims that Ellefson gave up his 20 percent share of Megadeth profits in an agreement he signed on May 14. Ellefson claims he signed the agreement under pressure.

. . . and Quoted

"Uncle Teddy came out. Not for me. He likes cake."

-- Republican Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, explaining on "The Tonight Show" the presence of in-law and Democratic Sen. Edward Kennedy at his recent 57th birthday celebration.

-- Compiled by Matt Kane

from staff and wire reports

Richard Leiby is on vacation.

Mementos of Paris Hilton's relationship with ex-boyfriend Nick Carter were stolen from her home.Lawyer Masako Suzuki, center, says her client, Bobby Fischer, wants to renounce his U.S. citizenship.