About 1,200 readers voted

in our online survey about who should be elected president in November. President Bush wound up

with 44 percent;

Sen. John Kerry got 43 percent. The rest of the vote went to independent candidate

Ralph Nader

and "Don't Know."

While our survey

was totally unscientific,

it pretty much reflects

what scientific polls are showing: The race

is too close to call.

We also asked readers

to write to us about why

they voted the way they did. Here are some of the opinions that KidsPost readers shared with us.

President Bush

I am a Republican; therefore I want George Bush to be reelected. . . . If John Kerry is elected, I think the USA will be changed a great deal. . . . Bush has done nothing but help the Iraqis. He captured Saddam Hussein. He has educated them and made the country a democracy like us. . . . If John Kerry is elected president, we will be wasting a great mind for the next four years.

Anna Zimmerman, 11,


I think that George W. Bush should be reelected because he has already proven that he can handle the stress and threats of war. . . . He makes a great president and if I was 18 I would definitely vote for Bush.

Anna Harris, 13, Warrenton

Sen. Kerry

I think John Kerry should become the president because Bush started an unnecessary war which caused many people to be killed or greatly injured. . . . People say that adults set examples for kids. What kind of example is war? That's why I want Mr. John Kerry to be our new president. He wants to help us not get into any kind of trouble.

Katharine Smorodin, 10,

Fairfax Station

After four years of George W. Bush, America has become the source of ridicule around the world. . . . He promised to create new jobs, but instead the unemployment rate has risen. . . . He passed the No Child Left Behind Act, claiming that all children in America would get what they deserved from a public education. Unfortunately, more than 2 million children have been left behind. . . . I believe John F. Kerry should be the next president because he has a better vision for America's future.

Pia Nargundkar, 14, Germantown

I think John Kerry should be president because he would help get America out of the 9/11 pickle and make a smart choice and get the troops out of Iraq.

Audrey Stuart, 9, Athens, Greece

Audrey spent a month this summer in Farmville, Virginia.

Sen. John F. Kerry got

43 percent in the KidsPost vote. President Bush was backed by

44 percent of the voters.