Dear Heloise:

Today I locked my keys in my car, along with my spare set, while the car was running. I had my cell phone, so I called a locksmith, and $25 later I was on my way.

Amazing to me -- I had my cell phone, but no key! So, I went and had a spare made and sewed it to the inside of my cell-phone case. Even most flip phones can accommodate a key taped to the case. It looks sort of odd, but it is better than standing out in 100-degree heat waiting for your car to get unlocked!

Terry in Kansas

No one wants to be locked out! Your hint is one that will prevent a mishap. Thanks for writing.

Dear Heloise:

I use applesauce instead of margarine or oil in everything I bake. So, when I open a jar to use the applesauce for a recipe, I freeze the remainder in ice-cube trays. Once it is frozen, I put the whole bunch in a plastic bag and defrost as I need it. Works wonderfully for my baking.

Joan Wright, Bremerton, Wash.

Dear Heloise:

I often see old trunks used in homes for decorative purposes. Please alert your readers to the dangers these present to young children if there are latches attached. A youngster could easily climb inside and suffocate. Please, if you use such a trunk, remove the latch. It could save a life.

A.M. Howard, Hot Springs, S.D.

Dear Heloise:

When changing the batteries in a headset, be sure to set the volume down to the lowest setting. I can't tell you how many times I have been blasted by LOUD music when putting new batteries in.

Lori in Colorado

Dear Heloise:

We were on vacation recently, and I washed and cut up some fresh fruit. I didn't have a lemon or any lemon juice with me, so I tried adding some lemonade mix. It kept the fruit from turning and gave it an excellent taste. It also kept it fresh much longer than the lemon would have.

Bernie, Chalmette, La.

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