Porter Goss, Speaking Directorly

Rep. Porter Goss may regret being interviewed for Michael Moore's Bush-bashing headliner of the summer, "Fahrenheit 9/11," and not just because the movie flashed his office phone number across the screen. Wouldn't you know it, the man whom President Bush just nominated as CIA director touched on his CIA involvement -- past and future -- during an interview with Moore's production crew (sans Moore) in March. If you don't recall seeing that in the movie, that's because you didn't. The clip was edited out. (We bet Moore's kicking himself now.)

According to the transcript obtained from Moore's camp, Goss, when asked about his past in the CIA, responded: "It is true I was in CIA from approximately the late '50s to approximately the early '70s. And it's true I was a case officer, clandestine services office, and yes, I do understand the core mission of the business." Perhaps he should have stopped yakking there.

Alas, the Florida Republican continued: "I couldn't get a job with CIA today. I am not qualified. I don't have the language skills. I, you know, my language skills were Romance languages and stuff. We're looking for Arabists today. I don't have the cultural background, probably. And I certainly don't have the technical skills, uh, as my children remind me every day: 'Dad, you got to get better on your computer.' Uh, so, the things that you need to have, I don't have."

When we asked Goss's office about the honest answer, spokeswoman Julie Almacy told us: "When he was a case officer, the language and technical requirements were different. So, the statement is correct in the context of the guidelines for a new hire of a case officer."

Ohhh, now we get it. Luckily for Goss, "case officer" is a completely different job from "director."

Noted . . .

* Wedding bells will be ringing early next year for right-wing think tanker (and cable news squawker) Grover Norquist and his girlfriend of the past year, Samah Alrayyes, who works for the U.S. Agency for International Development. Norquist, the 47-year-old president of Americans for Tax Reform (and an NRA board member), thoughtfully pointed out about his 31-year-old love: "She's an active Republican." Phew. "She's very good on taxes," Norquist boasts, adding sweetly, "and she can put a tight grouping with a .38."

* Hey ya! Esquire has named the world's best-dressed man, and it's not Gavin Newsom, Hamid Karzai, Matt Lauer or Prince Felipe of Spain, though the dapper gents all made the initial cut. It's none other than the flamboyant Andre 3000, of OutKast fame, who is as innovative and well known for his clothes as he is for his Grammy-winning music.

* And yes, though the rep for the movie "Syriana" wouldn't divulge to The Post's Nicole Fuller whether the big-name Hollywooders are in town for the shoot, which began Tuesday, a spy near the Ritz-Carlton on M Street tells us that George Clooney, at least, has been spotted -- and looking a bit pudgier than usual. As careful readers may recall, Clooney planned to gain 40 pounds to play former CIA officer Robert Baer. Which means instead of catching him playing basketball at the Sports Club/LA, perhaps we should keep an eye out for him at Morton's?

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"I want to be able to say, 'Yes, Mommy was once a porn star, but when you came along, Mommy was no longer a porn star.' "

-- Jenna Jameson, telling Rolling Stone that she'll quit her job once she becomes pregnant.

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In March, Goss, above, told Michael Moore's crew he couldn't get hired by the CIA today. This week, Bush named him to lead it.