Judges Flip for

Carly Patterson

* It was a 24-karat day for some U.S. Olympians in Athens.

Carly Patterson, 16, won the women's all-around gymnastics title, joining teammate Paul Hamm, who won the men's event Wednesday. The Soviet Union was the last country to capture both in the same year (1988).

Gaithersburg's Courtney Kupets finished in ninth place.

In the pool, Americans Michael Phelps, Amanda Beard and Aaron Peirsol continued their streaks of gold. Baltimore's Phelps, 19, now has four gold and two bronze medals.

* History Nugget: People still talk about the Olympic victory by a man named Arrachion 2,500 years ago. He competed in an event called the pankration, which combined boxing and wrestling. Nothing was off-limits. In what proved to be his last match, Arrachion was being strangled when he reached out and broke his opponent's toe. In great pain, the other guy immediately conceded. Seconds later, Arrachion died. Legend has it that his corpse wore the victor's wreath.

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Carly Patterson is all-around champ.