Angelica C. Pickles is turning 13, giving her yet another reason to try to boss around Tommy and his chums. She's not inviting mere 'tweens to her teen birthday bash. But, as you'll see on Saturday's "Lucky 13" episode of Nickelodeon's "All Grown Up," things don't go as she plans.

Cheryl Chase has been the voice of Angelica since the sassy intimidator was a 3-year-old complaining about those dumb baby Rugrats. Chase's other acting credits include infant gurgles in the movies "Baby Boom" and "Addams Family Values," and assorted characters and rude noises in "Ren & Stimpy" cartoons.

Chase, who looks like a grown-up Angelica and has a voice only a teeny bit lower in tone and volume, talked with Bridget Byrne over lunch at a favorite restaurant near her Hollywood, California, home.

How do you create Angelica's voice?

It's just very simple. I constrict my vocal cords. The amount of muscle constriction depends on how young I need to make her sound.

Was your own voice always so distinctive?

I used to get teased at school, told to stop talking like a baby. In eighth grade, kids put bags over my head and laughed at me . . . but I never let it get to me. . . . Now I'm making a very good living with my baby voice!

When did you realize it was an asset?

In college somebody said, "You sound like Glinda, the Good Witch" [in "The Wizard of Oz" movie]. That gave me the idea that I could maybe make some extra money with it.

Why do you enjoy playing Angelica?

Even though I wasn't a little brat in real life, I had one inside of me, but was afraid to let it out. It's cathartic to yell and scream and boss people around!

Was 13 a big milestone for you?

No, turning 16 was my big one. Until then I was more like Tommy and Chuckie -- content to be young. Angelica is the other way: She's eager to make a big splash as a young woman of the world.

Do you think it's harder to be a teen today than when you were young?

Yes. Times were simpler years ago. We didn't have cell phones, computers, cable television. . . . Kids now have to deal with more adult imagery, and communication has escalated. . . . There's more peer pressure.

How is Angelica's life going to change?

She's probably going to spend more time at the mall, get more crushes on boys.

Is Angelica's birthday party your idea of a good party?

Yes. I'm planning one right now. Great food, great music. . . . But she goes the extra mile. She's going to have porpoise rides and an ice sculpture of herself. I won't be going to those lengths!

The "Lucky 13" episode airs Saturday at

8 p.m. Starting at 2 p.m., Nickelodeon will show six hours of highlights of Angelica's life on "Rugrats" and "All Grown Up."

The DVD/home video of "Lucky 13" will

be released Aug. 31.

Angelica Pickles

is growing up, but still sounds like Cheryl Chase, left.