Dear Heloise:

You once had a concoction for making glass cleaner using vinegar, ammonia and water. Unfortunately, I misplaced the ratio of the mix. Would you please reprint this for me?

Don, via e-mail

Well, Don, let me tell you: I have a few different solutions, but none of them uses vinegar and ammonia together -- it's either one or the other. So, I'm going to pass along a window-cleaning solution to you as well as to anyone else out there who might want to give it a try.

All you need to do is mix 1/2 cup of vinegar with 1/2 gallon of water. Put it in a spray bottle and label accordingly. Be sure to keep this and all cleaners out of the reach of children and pets. Vinegar is my favorite cleaner -- it is cheap and has millions of uses around the house.

Vinegar (apple cider or white distilled) can also be used to remove hard-water spots from bathroom or kitchen fixtures.

Dear Heloise:

I do a lot of printing at home with my personal printer. I always keep paper in the feeder, but there are times when I need special paper. I have cut to size a piece of colored construction paper that I place under the special paper when I load it. That way, I always know if there is special paper still there when I finish and don't accidentally print something else on it, wasting the expensive paper. I also use this method when I am printing on both sides of the paper.

Vivian Johnson Maxwell

Little Rock

Dear Heloise:

When ordering meat-and- cheese trays for graduations or receptions, save the lids. Turn them upside down and fill with ice. A meat-and-cheese tray will fit perfectly on top of the lid of ice. It works great to keep the meat and cheese chilled.

Emma Griffiths

Angola, Ind.

Dear Heloise:

On a hot summer day, everyone enjoys a cold and refreshing ice-cream cone. To prevent dripping, put a miniature marshmallow in the tip of the ice-cream cone before scooping in your favorite flavor of ice cream.

Janis DePasqua

Youngstown, Ohio

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