The stretch of West Cary Street in Richmond known as Carytown is home to antique shops, beauty salons, furniture stores, art galleries and clothing boutiques.

"Without this urban location in this mostly conservative town, I doubt we would have made it to celebrate our 21st anniversary coming up this fall," says Deborah Boschen, owner of Pink, one of the boutiques. "Carytown evolved because Richmond's downtown retail vacated. That's when the diversity started to take place, when fresh, new retail collided with old, established retailers like hardware stores and delicatessens. It's alluring and familiarly comfortable at the same time."

Other Carytown favorites include Clementine, a vintage clothing store, Mongrel, a funky gift shop, and JetSet, an airport-inspired boutique.

"Not only is the atmosphere unparalleled, with blocks and blocks of charming, rainbow-colored rowhouses," says Denton Kump, owner and designer of Poesis purse company, "but nowhere else in Richmond can one find the eclectic, one-of-a-kind gifts, products and services offered on Cary Street."

-- Janelle Erlichman Diamond

Tabitha "Biba" coat, $225 at JetSet Boutique, 2925 W. Cary St. Greeting card ($3.25) and 17th Street Farmer's Market Tomato Cookbook ($10) at Mongrel, 2924 W. Cary St. The Twisted Tria purse, $90 at Poesis, 3451 W. Cary St. Mafia skateboard with wheels and trucks ($80) and Von Zipper Monterey shades ($75) at Glass & Powder Boardshop, 2934 W. Cary St. Retro buckle ($20) and belt ($10) at Clementine, 3118 W. Cary St.Vintage postcards, 75 cents each at Bygones, 2916 W. Cary St. Patch charm bracelet ($79) and Dame Design brooch ($48) at Pink, 3158 W. Cary St.