The Olympics are about over and there have been dozens of winners. Athletes who won medals nobody thought they could. Athletes who truly understood the meaning of sport and teamwork. Athletes whose joy in doing what they love made us feel happy just to watch them compete.

KidsPost is celebrating the 12 winners of our Olympics quiz. About 50 readers entered, and 12 got all 15 answers correct. We had said there would be 10 winners of an Athens 2004 backpack, KidsPost T-shirt and Washington Post Olympic pin, but our friends at the Greek Embassy gave us two extra backpacks so that all readers who got all the answers right could get the gold-medal prize!

The winners: Simrun Bal, 13, Springfield; Ben Gutman, 8, and Julia Gutman, 6, Washington; Lindsey Heigh, 10, Fairfax; Alyssa Knauf, 9, Vienna; Rachel Mears, 9, Reston; Avitansh Kumar Sharma, 8, Germantown; Samuel Tarter, 5, Rockville; Anthony Tran, 13, and Jennifer Tran, 15, Arlington; Sophie van Bastelaer, 10, Cabin John; Thomas Wilson, 8, Catonsville, Maryland.

Quiz answers from the Olympic Museum and Studies Centre in Lausanne, Switzerland, the official museum of the International Olympic Committee.

The answers:

1. The Olympics get their name from the town of Olympia.

2. Athletes competed naked in the Ancient Games.

3. Olympic athletes had to be men, Greek and free (not slaves).

4. Olympians were awarded a crown of leaves to wear on their heads.

5. Emperor Theodosius I ended the games in 393 A.D. (We also accepted 394 A.D.)

6. There were nine events in the first Modern Games (cycling, fencing, gymnastics, weight lifting, wrestling, swimming, tennis, shooting and athletics -- like today's track and field).

7. The first gold medal was awarded in 1904. In the 1896 and 1900 Games, silver was for first and bronze was for second. No medal was awarded for third place.

8. Pierre de Coubertin of France is the father of the Modern Games.

9. The five connected rings on the white background of the Olympic flag represent the coming together of the five major continents.

10. Women competed in tennis and golf in 1900.

11. The Olympics were canceled in 1916, 1940 and 1944.

12. Waldi the mascot was part of the 1972 Games in Munich, Germany.

13. Swimmer Mark Spitz won the most gold medals in a single Games -- seven in 1972.

14. About 10,500 athletes from more than 200 countries are competing.

15. The Winter Games of 2006 will be in Turin, Italy. The Summer Games of 2008 will be in Beijing, China.