Thinking about becoming a youth coach or want to become a better one? Here are some organizations and books that can help.


Positive Coaching Alliance --; 202-483-5778.

National Alliance for Youth Sports and National Youth Sports Coaches Association --; 800-668-5437.

American Sport Education Program --; 800-747-5698.

National Youth Sports Safety Foundation --; 617-367-6677.

Special Olympics --; 202-628-3630.


* "Coaching Kids for Dummies," by Rick Wolff (IDG Books Worldwide, 2000)

* "Your First Coaching Book: A Practical Guide for Volunteer Coaches," by the National Alliance for Youth Sports (Square One Publishers, 2002)

* "Coaching Kids: It's More Than X's and O's," by Jonathan Buzby (Kids-n-Sports, 1998)

* "Why Johnny Hates Sports: Why Organized Youth Sports Are Failing Our Children and What We Can Do About It," by Fred Engh (Square One Publishers, 2002)

Here are resources for some specific youth sports. Some of the organizations can help you find youth leagues, teams and trainers in the Washington area.


Little League Baseball Inc. --; 570-326-1921.

Ripken Baseball --; 410-823-0808.

* "Youth Baseball: The Guide for Coaches & Parents," by John P. McCarthy Jr. (Betterway Books, 1996)

* "Baseball Drills for Young People: Over 150 Games and Activities," by Dirk Baker (McFarland & Co. Inc., 2002)

* "Making Little League Baseball More Fun for Kids: 30 Games and Drills Guaranteed to Improve Skills and Attitudes," by Randy Voorhees (Contemporary Books, 2002)


Youth Basketball of America --; 407-363-9262.

One on One Basketball Inc. --; 202-244-2255.

* "Drills and Skills for Youth Basketball," by Rich Grawer and Sally Tippett Rains (Coaches Choice Books, 1997)

* "The Baffled Parent's Guide to Coaching Youth Basketball," by David G. Faucher (Ragged Mountain Press/McGraw-Hill, 2000)

* "Youth Basketball: The Guide for Coaches & Parents," by John P. McCarthy Jr. (Betterway Books, 1996)


Pop Warner Little Scholars Inc. --; 215-752-2691.

* "Coaching Youth Football," by John T. Reed (John T. Reed, 2000)


US Lacrosse -- Offers a new online course for coaches.; 410-235-6882.

Potomac Chapter of US Lacrosse --; or contact Homer Schwartz at; 703-764-8061.


American Youth Soccer Organization --; 800-872-2976 .

US Youth Soccer Association --; 800-476-2237.

American Soccer Academy --; 301-657-0950.

* "Developing Youth Soccer Players," by Horst Wein (Human Kinetics, 2000)

* "Junior Soccer: A Complete Coaching Guide for the Young Player," by Adam Ward and Trevor Lewin (Barron's Educational Series Inc., 2002)

* "The Baffled Parent's Guide to Coaching Youth Soccer," by Bobby Clark (Ragged Mountain Press/McGraw-Hill, 2000)


Amateur Softball Association of America --; 405-424-5266.

* "Rookie Coaches Softball Guide," by the American Coaching Effectiveness Program (Human Kinetics Publishers, 1992)

* "Softball Skills & Drills," by Judi Garman (Human Kinetics, 2001)