Dear Readers:

A while back, we asked you to send in your favorite use for leftover hair conditioner. Boy, did we get a lot of replies! Here are some of them:

Dave Evans of Falls Church says: "I put a little bit of hair conditioner on my hands before I change the oil in my car. I have found that it makes cleanup easier. Also, using hair conditioner on my garden tools keeps them from rusting."

LaJune A. Anderson of Lancaster, Calif., says: "Use it on your dog or other pets as we do. It makes the fur nice and soft. Or, give it to your pet groomer to use."

Barb Gross of Ham Lake, Minn., says, "I use conditioner to take off tight rings."

Abbie Macatuno of Alexandria says, "If you mix a teaspoon of it with some warm water, you can soak your nails in it, or you can use it to soften your cuticles when you push them back."

Alida Lewin, via e-mail, says, "Before dyeing your hair, put hair conditioner around your hairline and ears to keep the color from staining your skin, and a small amount of hair conditioner on a cotton ball will remove makeup gently."

Teresa Bloodworth, via e-mail, says: "I use hair conditioner to help keep my husband's shaving mirror from fogging up in the shower. Just rub some onto the mirror and rinse."

A reader, via e-mail, says: "We have found that the cheap hair conditioner for people works great on the manes and tails of our horses to remove tangles and/or burrs. And it costs so much less than that made for horses."

Reha Seekins, via e-mail, says, "I have been a spinner and knitter for many years, and hair conditioner is always used to rinse the spun yarn and knitted garments."

Judy Korzenko of Houston says: "Rinse pantyhose with a little conditioner. It gets rid of static cling and smells nice."

Diane Maimone of Vienna says, "Mix conditioner with warm water and soak feet in it to soften corns and calluses."

Thanks so much to all of you who took the time to send in your favorite uses for hair conditioner.

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