Olympic Games Are

About Mettle, Medals

* The Olympics ended just in time for many of you to head back to school. Good thing, too, since it's probably not a good idea to stay up till midnight watching relays when you have to get up the next morning for reading, writing and 'rithmetic.

The Olympics are about competing with athletes from different countries and learning about sportsmanship. But they do give out medals, 929 in all (not counting multiple medals given to one team). Here are some interesting statistics about the final medal count (we can imagine some clever math teacher using medal counts to teach percentages!):

* The United States won 103 medals, more than any other country. Thirty-five of them were gold. (Thanks, Michael Phelps, for contributing an amazing six gold to the U.S. medal count!)

* Seventy-five countries (of the more than 200 competing) won medals. Twelve of those countries won one medal. Israel won its first-ever gold medal, in sailing. Iraq didn't get a medal, but the soccer team's performance was one of the Games' best stories.

* China won 63 medals, 32 gold. With the next Summer Olympics in Beijing in 2008, the Chinese will have a huge home-field advantage.

Michael Phelps was golden in Athens, but some already have Beijing in mind.