Have you ever dreamed of being the fastest or the strongest or the weirdest? The Olympics are over, but there's still a chance to make your mark in the world.

The Guinness World Records book turned 50 last month with the publication of its 2005 edition. It's a collection of amazing, outrageous and useless facts. In other words: perfect fun reading.

Here are some of KidsPost's favorite amusing entries from the 2004 and 2005 editions.

Most Spoons Balanced

On a Face

(We warned you about weird.) Oregon's Jonathan Friedman, 11, balanced seven. That's one spoon on each ear and cheek, one on his nose and two on his chin. "I've learned," Jonathan says, "that there are many things you can accomplish when you don't think you can."

Most Snow Angels

(We can think winter, even in summer.) At the Capitol Mall in Bismarck, North Dakota, in March 2002, 1,791 people got together to make snow angels.

Most Yo-Yo-ing

Ever tried to get your entire family to do yo-yos at one time? Well, 426 people in Dublin, Ireland, managed to do it for two minutes.

Youngest Solo Sailor

Sebastian Clover sailed across the Atlantic Ocean when he was 15. He departed from Spain on Dec. 19, 2002, and arrived on the island of Antigua on Jan. 12, 2003.

Most Tornadoes in 24 Hours

Don't come out of the basement! In the Midwest's "Tornado Alley," 148 twisters swept through April 3-4, 1974.

Largest Bunch of Bananas

The monkeys must have loved the bunch of 473 bananas grown in Spain in 2001. They weighed 287 pounds.

Largest Percussion Performance

We're pretty sure parents did not approve: 10,102 people played cow bell, hand drum, maraca, triangle, guiro and Chocalho de Platinela in a performance of "The Music of the Dragons" in Hong Kong.

Smallest Radio-Controlled Car

It's less than an inch long (.98 inch to be exact) and is a perfect 1:90 scale model of the Smart car.

Longest Game of Kingyosukui

We'd never heard of kingyosukui, a popular game in Japan that involves catching goldfish in a paper net. The record: a 331-foot-tank holding more than 60,000 goldfish.

Tallest and Longest Dog

Harvey, a Great Dane, is the world's tallest dog, standing 41.5 inches and measuring 91 inches from nose to tail. Great Danes are among the biggest breeds, usually standing about 30 inches tall.

Biggest Airsick

Bag Collection

A man in the Netherlands has at least 3,240 "barf bags" from 740 airlines.

We told you there were lots of weird records in this book.

-- Tracy Grant

This Smart car is 1/90th the size of the real thing. Jonathan Friedman balances six spoons on his face.

His record is seven.Yo! In Dublin, Ireland, 426 people played at the

same time.Harvey the Great Dane stands tall.A percussion band with 10,102 members.