Picture This:

Raining Elephants

* President Bush literally rained down on Republican National Convention delegates Thursday night after he accepted their nomination for a second term.

Pictures of the president and his wife, Laura, and Vice President Dick Cheney and his wife, Lynne, adorned hundreds of pounds of confetti that were dropped -- along with 120,000 balloons and streamers -- during the closing minutes of this week's convention in New York City.

Picture confetti was invented three years ago as a table decoration for a birthday party. This is the first time it has been dropped at a political convention. It's bigger than most confetti, with each circular piece measuring about one inch across.

"It's something fun for delegates to sneak home in pockets and tell the kids about," said convention aide Leonardo Alcivar.

The confetti is made by a California company called Confoti, using digital imagery. The Cheney confetti includes a picture of the couple with their youngest grandchild, Philip Perry, born July 2. The Bush twins, 22-year-old Jenna and Barbara, are not in any of the pictures.

Alcivar declined to say how much the confetti cost, but Confoti's Web site says it charges $16.95 for a 2.5-ounce bag containing about 3,200 pieces, 800 of which are photos (the rest are colored paper).