Orville and Wilbur Riot are brothers who live up to their name. They're a laugh riot and it's a miracle they don't start a riot!

This book is actually three stories about the daring duo, who have come up with amazing games (snarfing and underfoodle; more on them later), rules to live by ("Stay awake as long as possible" and "Every once in a while, let grown-ups think they're right") and missions to accomplish (catch a bank robber and overthrow a king).

What makes this book so much fun is that the characters seem so real. You know kids like Orville and Wilbur. (Maybe you are just like one of them.) And if their mom doesn't remind you of your mom, then maybe your mom is an alien. (Sorry, that's just a Riot brothers' theory.)

This book is like a good DVD: It has bonus material! Included are the Riots' rules for life, 10 fun things to do with your face and instructions for playing the brothers' games. Snarfing, for instance, involves getting a sibling to blow milk out of his or her nose at the dinner table; underfoodle is about putting as many pair of underpants on your head as possible.

If you try any of these games at home, do us a favor: Don't tell your folks you read about them in KidsPost.