There's Gold in

Them Thar Fish

* Where do goldfish come from?

In all likelihood, they come from a fish farm in Arkansas, the goldfish capital of the world.

Americans spent about $9.3 billion on the finned, orange animals last year, and $5.3 billion of that total was for fish from Arkansas.

The biggest fish hatchery in Arkansas is Pool Fisheries, where more than 250 million fish are born each year. Pool sells lots of fish to PetSmart, the pet store, which then sells them to people who want the fish as pets. But some places, including zoos, buy the fish to feed to other animals.

So, how does Pool Fisheries get all these fish from Arkansas to Maryland, Virginia, the District or any other place in the world?

They FedEx them, of course!

Workers pour the fish and water into plastic bags that are filled with oxygen. The bags are tied shut, put in a cooler and then a cardboard box.

Got Milk Machines?

* Most kids in Virginia head back to school today, having enjoyed a later summer vacation than students in Maryland and the District.

In Fairfax County, middle school and high school students will find new vending machines in their schools: ones that sell milk!

Nesquik whole, low-fat and flavored milks will be sold in chilled 14-ounce bottles at all 48 middle schools and high schools in the county. The school system hopes kids will plop their coins in a milk vending machine instead of soda vending machines.

Pool Fisheries in Arkansas produces more than 250 million fish each year.