The plane taxies into Dulles. I've flown cross-country, dragging my teenage son, following the tug of my husband's new job.

We find him at baggage claim. He's living East Coast time. I'm ticking on West Coast. The kid's mentally time-traveling back to yesterday and home. We watch the carousel. Silently.

We wheel luggage across the hotel courtyard. Light glows. Sparks flash. Fireflies!

"Damn, how cool is that?"

We grin at one another.

"As least Virginia bugs don't totally suck."

We laugh, almost family again.

Judy L. Forney


My son set up an alarm before we went to bed. I told him, "Son, don't worry! We don't have precious things the thief aims at." My son told me, "I have Mother! She is precious to me!" I realize that I have taken my wife for granted so long. I was ashamed of my statement. Then I saw my wife. Her face turned as red as an azalea flower blossomed. How beautiful the night we have at home together.

Yearn Hong Choi

Fairfax Station

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