It's really hard to pack healthy lunches today. You figure, why take the time to make a sandwich when you can just throw in a Lunchable?

The answer to this is simple: because obesity is a growing problem in the United States ["Good Enough to Eat," Aug. 31].

So what do you put in a healthy lunch? I should know. Over the course of about three months, I ate right and exercised. The result: I lost 30 pounds. A typical lunch of mine last year would be half a bologna sandwich, an apple, a yogurt and maybe a few Goldfish or preztels and water. It was hard watching my friends eat junk food, but the healthy food I ate energized me and made me feel great.

Next time you're packing your lunch, put down that candy bar and grab a banana instead!

Carrie Hutcheson, 11,


Every day I sit down to read KidsPost. Today, I read "Who's the Real Winner?" by Fred Bowen [Aug. 27] and was upset to see the words "I think Paul Hamm should give back his Olympic gold medal."

I watched the men's all-around the night that Paul fell and he worked very hard to get on that medal stand. He won fair and square and not because the Korean officials didn't protest in time. . . .

Paul should not give back his medal; he earned it. Hamm really did win.

Amanda Dols, 13,


I strongly disagree with what you wrote in the KidsPost about the Paul Hamm issue. . . . How can you say Paul should give up his gold medal? You don't practice hour after hour, day after day, the same routine where if you make even the slightest mistake your coaches will yell at you so much you could cry. Your whole life isn't based on being good enough to be one of the medal winners.

Maya Hester, 10, Olney

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