Dear Heloise:

Help! My irreplaceable wedding pictures are stuck to the glass of the frames. My aunt said that maybe you could help me.

Kim, via e-mail

You would be amazed how many times this question comes into Heloise Central. The photos are usually stuck to the glass because moisture has gotten in between the frame and photo and has caused the photo to adhere to the glass. It really isn't a good idea to attempt to remove the photo yourself, because it could tear or be damaged.

We have had readers have luck removing a photo after it was in the freezer for several weeks. Again, we found that you must be very careful when trying to remove the photo. If it starts to tear or won't come off, don't force it.

After doing some research, we found that the best thing to do is to take the photos to a professional photo shop for advice. If the photo is an heirloom or one-of-a-kind photo, you might want to contact a photo-restoration company, which should be able to help remove it. Good luck!

Dear Heloise:

We have ceiling fans with separate chain pulls for the light and fan. I've found a way to quickly distinguish between them. I bought pulls in the same style but two different colors -- tan for the fan and white for the light. Simple rhyme, and no more confusion!


The Woodlands, Tex.

I love it! A simple solution for a daily bother. Dear Heloise:

Just read your column about short cords on vacuum cleaners.

If you have an appliance with a short cord but would like a longer one, take it to an appliance dealer, such as a licensed vacuum-cleaner dealer.

For a small fee, the dealer will install as long a cord as you need that will still cover the recommended voltage requirement of the manufacturer. The charge is a lot less than that of a new vacuum.

W.R. Schilling, Waco, Tex.

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