All the Comforts

Of Home -- on Wheels

* Did you spend the summer driving to the Grand Canyon in a minivan with no DVD player in it?

Now imagine that same family vacation in a 45-foot-long vehicle that has a queen-size bed, two phone lines and three TVs!

It's not the stuff of dreams. In fact, more and more people are buying recreational vehicles (called RVs) that are as fancy as, and cost as much as, real houses.

Last year more than 12,000 RVs costing $200,000 or more were sold in this country. In 1991 (a year when a bunch of KidsPost readers were born), just 100 of the pricey vehicles were sold.

The first RV in the United States was created in 1914 (a year when we think not many KidsPost readers were born). But it was really just a tent on top of a trailer bed. Now Americans spend more than $12 billion on much fancier rigs.

Traveling cross-country in something as big as a school bus must cut down on the back-seat fights, right?

Keep your eyes on the road: Mike Wolfgram has a TV in his RV in Newport, Oregon.