Labor Day has passed. Everyone's back in school. And next week summer will officially be over. But KidsPost readers give us one last reason to celebrate the summer of 2004 with vacation photographs from places as close by as the Capital Children's Museum and Ocean City, and as far-flung as Hong Kong and India.

1. Allie Duncan, 8, of Ellicott City found the Loch Ness Monster on vacation in Scotland. Not really, that's just a statue of Nessie at the visitor center. 2. Your chariot awaits, my lady. Olivia Hansell-Foster, 9, of Alexandria rode a chariot at a museum in Norfolk, England. 3. Potomac's Sydney Liss, 12; Jeremy Liss, 8; and Stephanie Liss, 10, took KidsPost to Hawaii. We hope the guy behind them wasn't expressing his opinion of KP. 4. Ryan Williams, 6, of Stafford got a friendly morning welcome at the Harrison Hall Hotel in Ocean City. 5. Potomac's Maya and Vinay Rao, ages 6 and 10, went to Vienna, Austria, home of really big, really fancy buildings. 6. District kids Nicholas and Benjamin Montes, ages 7 and 3, took time from boogie-boarding in Puerto Rico to give KidsPost the "thumbs up." 7. Frances Ashcraft, 9, of University Park got her money's worth reading KidsPost on a bench made of nickels at the Storm King Art Center in New York. 8. MUSH!! Luke Tornatore, 10, of University Park went dog-sledding near Juneau, Alaska. Could there be an Iditarod in his future? 9. Arlington's Adam and Jordan Carter, ages 3 and 6, went to Colonial Williamsburg. 10. Matt Baron, 10, of Clifton took KidsPost to the edge of Crater Lake in Oregon. 11. Hong Kong sure is colorful. So was the KidsPost page that Ashburn's Madhur Batra, 13, and Ujjwal Batra, 6, took there. 12. Meghan Jacoby, 11, and Emily Jacoby, 9, weren't going to wait for baseball to come to D.C. They took KidsPost to New York for a Yankees game. 13. You can have a great time close to home. Arlington's Eileen Sugameli, 12, took KidsPost to the Capital Children's Museum just before it closed. 14. Mukund Katti, 10, of Dunn Loring didn't take just any copy of KidsPost to the Louvre Museum in Paris, France. He took the Tour de France edition. 15. Arvind Kumar of Fairfax got the crocodiles to smile in Chennai, India. 16. Fairfax's Gracie and Josh Smoot, ages 6 and 8, missed out on Old Faithful at Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming. 17. Is the water cold in Iceland? Not necessarily. But Annandale's Libby and Cami Bissen, ages 10 and 7, were chilling out in the Blue Lagoon. 18. Imagine the size of the foot that fits in that boot. Matthew Hayes, 10, of Alexandria visited the L.L. Bean store in Maine.