Good News for Gorillas

* They're not yet 4 months old and already they've made history.

Twin mountain gorillas born at a national park in Rwanda in May are just the third set ever recorded and the first to survive more than a month. Visitors have been trekking through the dense forest to see the twins. Only 380 mountain gorillas are known to exist, none of them outside Africa.

The infants live in a group of 37 gorillas. Several of them help the twins' mother, Nyabitondore, take care of the young apes. Until they are 4 years old, it's her job to feed and protect them from wild dogs, hyenas and other predators.

The first known mountain gorilla twins died nine days after their birth in 1986. A second set was born in 1991, but one baby died within a month.

An Award for Blume

* Best-selling author Judy Blume is this year's winner of the National Book Award for contributions to American literature. She is the first young people's author to win the award.

Blume's books, which include "Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing" and "Superfudge," have sold more than 75 million copies and been translated into more than 20 languages. However, some grown-ups say her writing -- which includes honest talk about divorce, sex and religion -- is not always fit for children.

Hold Your Breath

* The National Museum of Natural History plans a huge Ocean Hall -- bigger than its Hall of Mammals -- to open in 2008. It will have a theater that makes it seem as if you are going on a deep-sea dive. See story on A1.

Correction: Ballet dancer Cathy Cannizzo, featured on Tuesday's page, was a dancer with Ballet Theatre of Maryland, not Maryland Ballet Theatre, a separate company.

Nyabitondore protects her newborn twins.The High Cost of Milk

Earlier this month rescue workers in Riemenstalden, Switzerland, used a helicopter to move an injured cow from a mountainous meadow to a nearby road.