The opening ceremonies of the National Museum of the American Indian begin with the Native Nations Procession from 9:30 to noon on Tuesday. The dedication ceremony is from noon to 1, and the museum opens to the public at 1.

The First Americans Festival begins at 1 on Tuesday and runs from 10 to 5:30 Wednesday through Sept. 26. Evening concerts on Tuesday and Sept. 25 begin at 5:30. The festival will take place at several stages and pavilions on the Mall and will include a marketplace and a cafe.

1. Gathering Place -- Area available for informal social gathering of indigenous peoples celebrating the opening of the museum with song, dance and stories; open Tuesday 1 to 9 and Wednesday 11:30 to 5:30 only. (West of Seventh Street)

2. Potomac Stage -- Musical performances: A large covered pavilion showcasing traditional and contemporary music, including blues, rock, hip-hop and folk. (Seventh Street)

3. Instrumental Arts and Regalia Arts pavilions -- Crafts: Two pavilions where native artisans demonstrate the traditional techniques of instrument- and regalia-making. (Seventh Street)

4. Workshop Stage -- Crafts: Features hourly discussion sessions with artisans from the Instrumental Arts and Regalia Arts pavilions. (Seventh Street)

5. Harvest Stage -- Musical performances: A small stage offering a variety of performances including flute music, throat-singing and slack-key guitar. (Sixth Street)

6. Three Sisters Cafe -- Offers a variety of native foods and beverages for purchase at food service areas. (mid-Mall)

7. Raven Stage -- Storytelling: A small stage featuring traditional native storytelling, with daytime programming for students and families and opportunities for audience participation and interaction. (mid-Mall)

8. Dance Circle Stage -- Dance: An open-air venue with a stage, earthen dance floor and grandstand seating where traditional groups introduce audiences to diverse dance styles. (Fourth Street)

9. Four Directions Stage -- Musical performances: A large, open-air venue presenting some of the best-known traditional and contemporary native singers and musicians; site of the dedication ceremony, daily concerts and Sunday morning hymn singing. (Third Street)

10. First Americans Festival Marketplace -- Offers native arts and crafts from Hawaii and North, Central and South America; also sells recordings, publications and festival memorabilia. (Maryland Avenue)