Hurricane Ivan Slams Four Southern States

* Hurricane Ivan hit the United States yesterday, bringing destruction to Florida, Alabama, Mississippi and Louisiana. The big, slow-moving storm has spent more than a week pounding islands including Grenada, the Bahamas and Cuba, and working its way through the Gulf of Mexico.

Ivan slammed the shore in Alabama about 3 a.m. yesterday with winds of 135 miles per hour. Because of the storm's huge size and unpredictable path, more than 2 million people in three states had left their homes. Hundreds of thousands of people had no electricity.

Ivan was still whipping up 80-mph winds and dumping inches of rain as it moved inland. Large parts of the Southeast could face flooding in the next few days. Ivan could even bring rainy weather to the Washington area over the weekend.

Ivan is the third powerful hurricane to hit in the last month, behind Charley and Frances. More than 70 people have died because of Ivan in the last week.

And the bad weather might not be over. A new hurricane, Jeanne, could hit Florida as early as Monday.

Jarrett Barnett, 12, and his dogs rest at a shelter in Montgomery, Alabama. Hurricane Ivan forced them to leave Panama City, Florida.