Crime News I

We here at Names and Faces have maintained that airports are dangerous places these days -- we have Prince's bodyguard charging at a fan, Richard Simmons slapping a cage fighter, you get the idea. But now even bookmarks can cause calamity.

Because of a bookmark, Kathryn Harrington, a 52-year-old special education teacher from Laurel, faced the possibility of a criminal trial and a $10,000 fine. Last month, returning from a Disney trip with her teenage sons, she walked through Tampa International Airport's security screening with the 81/2-inch-leather strap, which had a lead weight at each end. This apparently caused distress for the Transportation Security Administration workers. They called their supervisor. Their supervisor called the cops. And Harrington was handcuffed, arrested, fingerprinted and popped into a police car. The bookmark was seized. The criminal charges were dropped but the fine is up in the air. Ay yi yi.

TSA spokeswoman Lauren Stover told us yesterday that "it is likely TSA will not pursue civil penalties. However, that determination will be finalized next week." Harrington's Tampa-based lawyer, W.F. "Casey" Ebsary Jr., told us that they're "pleased that [TSA] is going to do what we think is the right thing."

And oh yes, she has bought another bookmark, the only difference is she won't be flying with it anymore.

Crime News II

Free the lobsters! That's Eddie Furlong's motto. Or at least we hope it is, considering he was arrested in Kentucky earlier this week for trying to do just that.

You may remember the actor from his role in "Terminator 2," or because of his brief fling with Paris Hilton. Anyway, the PETA activist, who's in Kentucky filming "Jimmy & Judy," stopped by a Meijer grocery store with pals Wednesday eve and proceeded to yank the live lobsters out of the display tank, presumably to save them. After being asked to stop, Furlong became argumentative, which eventually led to his being behind bars for three hours on a misdemeanor count of public intoxication.

The police report, posted on, noted the actor was slurring his words and smelled of alcohol.

In Other Crime News

* Madonna made headlines this week by visiting the Holy Land. And now two of the Kabbalist's bodyguards have too, after being detained by Tel Aviv police for a brawl they had with photographers lurking outside her hotel.

* Funkmasta Rick James died last month of an enlarged heart. However, the autopsy report released Thursday said a shocking nine drugs were found in his system -- Valium, Xanax, Vicodin, methamphetamine and cocaine, among others. The Los Angeles County coroner's spokesman emphasized that none of them was found at a life-threatening level, meaning he didn't die of a drug overdose.

* Macaulay Culkin was freed on $4,000 bond after his arrest in Oklahoma City yesterday on drug charges. Cops stopped the driver of the car Culkin was in for speeding and found marijuana and medicines without a valid Rx.

Noted . . .

Ellen DeGeneres knows exactly what body part(s) she'd change if she could. "I would exchange my body with Brad Pitt," she tells People mag. "Just kidding." . . . And for you stalkers (oh, fine . . . really devoted fans) out there, guess who's going to be here Sunday night? Robert Redford. He'll be the guest speaker at the Wilderness Act Commemorative Dinner at the National Press Building. Also, keep an eye out for Ben Affleck on Tuesday -- and he's not even stumping for John Kerry! Affleck's good-causing it and co-hosting a dinner with none other than Jennifer Garner (his suspected-yet- unconfirmed flame at the moment) for the Ataxia Telangiectasia Children's Project.

. . . and Quoted

"I was not allowed to die just yet, because my wings for being an angel were not quite ready."

-- Roy Horn, telling German broadcaster RTL why he survived being mauled by a tiger.

-- Compiled by Anne Schroeder

from staff and wire reports

Ethereal Girl: Madonna attends a Kabbalah conference in Tel Aviv on Thursday.