Children's Show Premiere

Super Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go! A teenager named Chiro teams with five high-tech cyborg monkeys to battle a villainous king plotting to turn the planet of Shuggazoom into his personal evil empire (ABC Family at 9 a.m.).


Golf (CC). Ten-hour coverage of Day 2 of the Ryder Cup (Channel 4 at 8 a.m.); third round of the PGA Tour Texas Open in San Antonio (ESPN at 4).

College Football. Nebraska at Pittsburgh (Channel 7 at noon); Duke at Virginia Tech (CSN at noon); San Diego State at Michigan (ESPN at noon); Maryland at West Virginia (ESPN2 at noon); Ohio State at N.C. State (Channel 7, 3:30); LSU at Auburn (Channel 9, 3:30); Wisconsin at Arizona (CSN at 4); Alabama-Birmingham at Florida State (ESPN2, 6:30); Notre Dame at Michigan State (ESPN at 7); Clemson at Texas A&M (TBS at 7); Florida at Tennessee (Channel 9 at 8); Southern Cal at Brigham Young (ESPN at 10); Minnesota at Colorado State (ESPN2 at 10).

Baseball. Boston at New York Yankees (Channel 5 at 1).

Soccer. Chicago at D.C. (CSN, 7:30).

Public Affairs

The Novak Zone takes a sneak peek at the National Museum of the American Indian with Director W. Richard West Jr. (CNN, 9:30 a.m.).

Weekend Live With Tony Snow. With Rep. Christopher Cox (R-Calif.) (FNC at noon). Former CIA director James Woolsey appears tomorrow at noon.

The Beltway Boys. Topics are John Kerry poll numbers and the "60 Minutes" controversy over President Bush's National Guard documents (FNC at 6).

To the Contrary With Bonnie Erbe. Topics are smoking and teenagers; plus an international report on women's advancement that is critical of U.S. policy (Channel 32, 6:30; repeats tomorrow at 9:30 a.m. on Channels 22 and 26).

Fox News Watch. Topics are the controversy over the "60 Minutes" documents on Bush's National Guard service, and the dearth of network news (FNC, 6:30).

Inside Washington With Gordon Peterson. Topics are John Kerry's new strategy and Marion Barry's political return (Channel 9 at 7).

The Capital Gang. Topics are Iraq, CBS and Kerry vs. Bush; the guest is House Majority Whip Roy Blunt (R-Mo.) (CNN at 7).

The McLaughlin Group. Topics are the Bush bounce and the invisible John Edwards candidacy (NewsChannel 8, 7:30).

After Hours With Cal Thomas. Rep. Chaka Fattah (D-Pa.) discusses his controversial tax proposal, and Sojourners magazine editor Jim Wallis discusses claims by Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson that God endorses President Bush (FNC at 11).

This Is America With Dennis Wholey interviews South Korean President Roh Moo Hyun (Channel 32, 11:30).


Hispanic Heritage Awards. The 18th annual ceremony honoring Latinos in a number of fields was taped last week at the Kennedy Center (Channel 4 at 7).

Miss America (CC). Chris Harrison of "The Bachelor" hosts the annual beauty show live from Atlantic City; be prepared for "American Idol" also-ran Clay Aiken to serenade the winner with the traditional "There She Is." Two hours (Channel 7 at 9).

Late Night

Mad TV returns for its 10th season with a spoof of the CBS reality series "The Amazing Race" called "The Amazing Presidential Race" (Channel 5 at 11).

Saturday Night Live (CC) (R). Hosted by Lindsay Lohan, with musical guest Usher (Channel 4, 11:30).

Mirna, left, and Charla from "The Amazing Race" join Ike Barinholtz, center, on the season premiere of "Mad TV," on Channel 5 at 11 p.m.