Dear Heloise:

I love cooking on my new indoor tabletop grill, but found cleaning it very difficult and time-consuming. Finally, I hit upon an easy cleanup tip. Immediately after removing the food, fold several paper towels and, while the grill is still warm, moisten them to almost dripping and lay the towels on the surface (being extremely careful not to get burned by the steam), then close the lid.

The residue on the grill softens while you are eating and then is easily wiped off.

The only cautions: Be sure the grill is unplugged, and be mindful of the steam that will escape when laying the paper towels on the surface of the grill.

Terri Hines

Bentonville, Ark.

Dear Heloise:

This idea worked so well for me that I just have to share it!

I got bleach spots on the front of my favorite pair of bluejeans. I purchased some fabric paint in the color blue that matched the blue threads of the denim. I took a small, straightened-out metal paper clip and dipped just the very tip into the blue paint. Then I scraped the tip of the paper clip onto the jeans in the direction of the blue threads, filling in the white spots little by little. Only a tiny amount of paint was necessary.

Anne Straitiff

Bay Village, Ohio

Dear Heloise:

Recently, I picked this hint up from an X-ray technician who works at my foot doctor's office. Hopefully it will help thousands of people who use heel, metatarsal and arch support pads.

To keep the pads from slipping inside the shoe, simply cut a 1-inch square of self-sticking tape and put one part in the bottom of the shoe and the other on the support pad. You will have pads in your shoes that do NOT slide around.

Sue Mason, Kirksville, Mo.

Dear Heloise:

I have found a cheap way to obtain practically fat-free chicken/turkey broth. I buy turkey breasts when they are on sale. After cooking the breast in a slow pot, I drain the juice, put it in pint jars and freeze it. When broth is needed, I defrost the frozen broth and skim off the fat, which has solidified on the top. Cheaper than buying broth.

Robert, via e-mail

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