Dear Heloise:

I had a newspaper clipping of your mother's recipe for coleslaw that was the best. I must have lost it a couple of years ago during a move. I thought it would show up again but have concluded it is gone for good. Could you please reprint it in your column?

Anne Henry

St. John's, Newfoundland

You bet! This is a fabulous, tasty coleslaw that generations of Heloise readers have loved. This slaw is better if you make it several hours before serving it so all the flavors can blend.


1 head green cabbage (about 2 pounds)

Ice water to cover the cabbage

2 ounces vegetable oil

1 ounce vinegar, lime juice or lemon juice (NOT ALL THREE)

1/2 teaspoon prepared mustard (not dry mustard)

1/4 teaspoon celery salt

1 ounce mayonnaise

Salt and pepper to taste

Dash of paprika

Shred the cabbage and soak in the ice water for 30 minutes. Meanwhile, mix together the remaining ingredients. Drain the cabbage and mix in the dressing. Refrigerate until ready to use. P.S. I've been known to "Heloise" it up by adding some finely chopped bell pepper or diced olives.

Dear Heloise:

When preparing instant rice, I use Bloody Mary mix as the liquid ingredient. It makes a very tasty and easy-to-prepare dish.

A.N. in San Antonio

Since the mixer is mostly spicy tomato juice, this sounds delicious. Kathy R. of New York says that she makes rice and adds a can of vegetable juice as the liquid.

Dear Heloise:

This is what I do with packages of Chinese noodles: When I have leftover spaghetti sauce and I want to make just one serving of pasta, I'll use the noodles in the package and throw away the seasoning packet. The taste and texture are great, and it's the perfect serving size.

Yetta Marian

Youngstown, Ohio

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