School Fights to Keep Kid From Playground

* Jan Rankowski just wants to go to the playground in his home town of Falmouth, Maine. School officials say he isn't welcome.

Jan has a type of autism, a brain condition that makes it hard for him to communicate and behave the way most people expect a 9-year-old to act. Jan's parents are going to court to get him back on the playground.

Jan was in special education classes at the town's school, but then his parents decided to teach him at home. When he asked one day if he could go to the school playground, they were thrilled. Playing with other kids has been a problem for Jan because of his autism.

But school officials say there were problems once Jan started coming. Other kids said he threatened them, played roughly with younger kids and kicked one child. Teachers' aides said Jan didn't pay attention to their instructions.

Jan's parents say that other kids who misbehave are kept off the playground for a few days. Jan has been asked not to come back until a doctor sees him and offers advice on ways for him to get along better with kids.

Home-schooled Jan Rankowski, who has autism, wants to use playground.