10 and Older

"Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow" (PG). Hugely inventive, lighthearted adventure, patterned after old Saturday movie serials, puts live actors in computer-animated setting with often ravishing results, sometimes marred by confusing plot, too-dim lighting; Jude Law as fighter pilot, Gwyneth Paltrow as spunky newspaper reporter in 1930s New York, chasing evil scientist whose robots invade Manhattan. Dizzying aerobatic dogfights, gun battles, slugfests; crude line spoken in foreign language, revealed in subtitles; mild sexual innuendo; under-10s might find huge robots, some like reptilian, gargoylish monsters, too scary.


"Mr. 3000." Bernie Mac in mildly amusing, predictable, well-acted character comedy about egocentric ex-baseball star who returns at age 47 to prove he's still a phenom after learning his 3,000-hit record was miscounted and his Hall of Fame chances fading; he has a humbling comeuppance. Strong PG-13: sexual innuendo; implied overnight trysts; Viagra jokes; glimpse of Mac's derriere; crude language; middle-grade profanity; drinking. Teens.

"Ghost in the Shell 2: Innocence." Visually ravishing animated fable for grown-ups blends tough police drama with eye-popping, three-dimensional animation; set in a Blade-Runner-esque (R, 1982) future, circa 2032, when humans and cyborgs are interchangeable and only robotic "dolls" lack humanity; cyborg officer investigates case of female sexual pleasure robot that murders her owner; he uncovers abuse of supposedly soulless dolls. Animated gun violence; strong profanity; sexual innuendo; implications of kidnapping, abuse of girls. In Japanese with subtitles. High schoolers.

"Wimbledon." Paul Bettany as tennis player near end of his career, Kirsten Dunst as ambitious player fall in love during Wimbledon tourney in romantic comedy that triumphs over cliches with witty script, lively lens, well-played points, fine turn by Bettany. Casual sex precedes romance -- no sexual situations, but kissing, strongly implied trysts; subtle, sexually tinged humor; some lewd slang; sounds of lovemaking used for jokes; implied nudity; bare derrieres; profanity; toilet humor; gag about barbecuing a rabbit. Not for preteens.

"Cellular." Cliched, illogical R-ish thriller still wows with action; Kim Basinger as woman violently abducted from her home, threatened with death for her and her son (Adam Taylor Gordon); she hot-wires a smashed phone and randomly reaches a callow guy (Chris Evans) on his cell; William H. Macy as cop, Jason Statham as bad guy both shine. Kidnapping of child; bloody gunplay; child sees a strangulation; character bleeds to death; head-banging fights; car chases; crass sexual jokes, barnyard profanity; menacing sexual innuendo. Not for middle schoolers.


"Silver City." Thoroughly engrossing, if plodding, over-earnest tale of political corruption from indie filmmaker John Sayles, about Colorado gubernatorial candidate, aptly named Pilager (Chris Cooper), in bed with developers planning a community on land full of toxic mining waste; Danny Huston as private investigator who connects the dots; Richard Dreyfuss as dumb candidate's brain trust. Brief gun, fist violence; dead body in lake; implied sexual situation; profanity; implied drug use, drinking, smoking. High schoolers into politics.

"Resident Evil: Apocalypse." Violent, barely coherent sequel to 2002 film (also R-rated -- both based on video game) about evil corporation whose lab accidentally-on-purpose leaks virus that turns city into zombie zone, which execs plan to nuke; Milla Jovovich as soldier who fought zombies but was captured and genetically enhanced, now leading a few cops, expatriate execs in last-ditch uprising. Gross, flesh-eating zombies; gargoylish monsters; severed arm; corpse covered with maggots; suicide jump; deafening gunplay; knives, fight; strong profanity.


"A Dirty Shame." Filmmaker John Waters reverts to the raunchy, pre-"Hairspray" (PG, 1988) style that put him on the map in lewd, crude, frequently funny sex farce about Baltimore neighborhood where folks become sex addicts after being hit on the head; Johnny Knoxville as messianic leader of sexaholics; Tracy Ullman as frumpy housewife who joins their ranks. Highly explicit sexual language, insinuation and behavior; male and female nudity; profanity; toilet humor. No one 17 or under admitted.