The Smithsonian Institution's First Americans Festival, being held in conjunction with the opening of the National Museum of the American Indian, continues today on the Mall between Third and Seventh streets. Admission is free. For more information, call 202-633-1000 or visit All schedules are subject to change.

Four Directions Stage

11 a.m. Aloha Boys (Native Hawaiian)

Noon: Pappy Johns Band with Murray Porter (Iroquois)

1 p.m. Keith Secola (Anishinabe)

2 Red Earth

3 Star Nayea

4 Aloha Boys (Native Hawaiian)

5 Star Nayea

Dance Circle Stage

10 a.m. Los Nativos de la Isla Taquile (Quechua) and Ccanto Scissor Dancers (Quechua)

11 Halau O Kekuhi (Native Hawaiian)

Noon: Dine Tah Navajo Dancers

1 p.m. Git-Hoan Dancers (Tsimshian)

2 Los Nativos de la Isla Taquile (Quechua) and Ccanto Scissor Dancers (Quechua)

3 Halau O Kekuhi (Native Hawaiian)

4 Dine Tah Navajo Dancers

5 Git-Hoan Dancers (Tsimshian)

Raven Stage (Storytelling)

10 a.m. Lloyd Arneach (Cherokee)

10:30 Kungiler (Kuna)

11 Gayle Ross (Cherokee)

11:30 Joe Cross (Caddo/Potawatomi) and Donna Couteau (Sac and Fox)

Noon: Paulla Dove Jennings (Narragansett)

12:30 p.m. Cherokees East and West with Gayle Ross and Lloyd Arneach

1 A. Paul Ortega (Mescalero Apache)

1:30 Mary Louise Defender Wilson (Dakota/Hidatsa)

2 Lloyd Arneach (Cherokee)

2:30 Kungiler (Kuna)

3 Gayle Ross (Cherokee)

3:30 Joe Cross (Caddo/Potawatomi) and Donna Couteau (Sac and Fox)

4 Paulla Dove Jennings (Narragansett)

4:30 Mary Louise Defender Wilson (Dakota/Hidatsa)

5 A. Paul Ortega (Mescalero Apache)

Harvest Stage (Musical Performance)

10 a.m. Suya from Upper Xingu region

11 Ledward Ka'apana (Native Hawaiian)

Noon: Grupo de Danza y Musica Comca'ac (Seri)

1 p.m. Oneida Hymn Singers

2 Suya from Upper Xingu region

3 Ledward Ka'apana (Native Hawaiian)

4 Grupo de Danza y Musica Comca'ac (Seri)

5 Oneida Hymn Singers

Potomac Stage (Musical Performance)

10 a.m. Bannaba Project (Kuna)

11 Willie Lowery (Lumbee)

Noon: Sandy Scofield (Saulteaux/Cree)

1 p.m. Jimmy Wolf (Mohawk)

2 Sandy Scofield (Saulteaux/Cree)

3 Willie Lowery (Lumbee)

4 Bannaba Project (Kuna)

5 Jimmy Wolf (Mohawk)

Workshop Stage

11 a.m. Colombian weaving with Marinelsy Iguaran Mestre (Arhuaco) and Maria Magdalena Chicunque Agreda (Kamsa)

Noon: Flute in diverse communities with David Montour (Potawatomi/Ottawa/Mohawk/Cayuga), Fernando Cellicion (Zuni) and Calvin Hoe (Native Hawaiian)

1 p.m. Weaving and design of the Arctic and Southwest with Clarissa Hudson (Tlingit) and DY Begay (Navajo)

2 Strings of the Americas with Wilber Arce (Chanca) and Jose Alberto Guadalajara Chavez (Tarahumara)

3 Woodlands-style moccasin making with Gerald and Eric Hawpetoss (Menominee)

4 Percussion in indigenous communities with Chuna McIntyre (Inupiat), and Joey (Ron'io), David (Mohawk) and Jose Guadalupe Bautista Alejandro (Tarahumara)

Ongoing Demonstrations