My friends and I go to Starbucks and sit in the plush chairs, feeling very mature. We scope out guys, laugh at people's odd hairdos and ponder important issues like who invented the Post-it note and why. We order drinks and sip slowly.

But eventually, it's time for the party to disband.

"I have to be home by 10."

"I told my mom I'd call her by now."

"I have a piano lesson in the morning."

I wonder if maybe we're not as old as we think we are, as I wait for my dad to come pick me up.

Libby Greismann


My sisters and I created Kenwood. It was a place where the Barbies were no better than the action figures, and where everyone smiled all the time. We loved this place. It was our escape from the big bad world of school, chores and every other dreaded thing. Now I am a 14-year-old. Most of our Barbies are headless. My sisters like GameCube and anime. I like movies and "E! True Hollywood Story." Everyone needs their own Kenwood.

Peace Johnson


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