Dear Heloise:

A good hint for people who are responsible for organizing family reunions: Have a table where people come in, and provide a book for them to sign -- name, address, telephone number and from whom they are descended. Also have a stack of postcards, and have everyone address one to him- or herself and put it in a basket on the table. Next year, the person organizing the reunion only has to fill out the information (place, date and time) and mail the cards a month or two before the reunion date.

Hilda Bettis, via e-mail

Family reunions are also a good place to keep genealogy forms up to date, so keep extras on hand. Don't forget to say thanks to the people doing all of the organizing.

Dear Heloise:

For years, I have had the problem of plastic food wrap clinging to itself as soon as I tore it off the roll. Two years ago, I moved where my son has lived for years. I mentioned this to him, and he replied, "You do keep it in the refrigerator, don't you?" Well, what a difference -- noticeably fewer problems with the wrap clinging to itself.

I guess I need to consult him more often.

Bruce Hagen

Imperial Beach, Calif.

Dear Heloise:

In one of your mother's hints, she said that to clean a vase of stains, use a denture tablet in the bottom with some water, then add raw regular rice and swish it around a few times. This worked for me many times.

E.H., Canton, Ohio

This old-time hint still works many times, but some of those old stains might never budge.

Dear Heloise:

Whenever we go on a trip, I take a nylon puff and shower gel. I never knew where to put the puff when I was done using it.

Then one day I noticed the plastic container that my facial towelettes were in. I set the puff in it, and the container snapped shut easily. Now, if I have to, I can still put the damp puff in the container and close the lid. Works really well!

K.M., Cibolo, Tex.

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