Dear Heloise:

I can't remember which direction ceiling fans should be turning for the different seasons. Help!

A Reader, via e-mail

Ceiling fans typically come with two different settings: forward and reverse. This switch can usually be found on the motor housing of the fan. So, in the summer, fans should go forward so that they blow air down onto the room to cool it. To check if you have chosen the correct setting, stand under the fan, and you should feel airflow. In the winter, the fan should be reversed so that warm air that is rising to the ceiling is dispersed by the fan.

We decided to check here at Heloise Central to see how many fans each "magpie" has and if they change the direction of the fans with the seasons.

Ruth says that she doesn't change the direction because it's always hot here in South Texas, and she has a fan in just about every room in her house.

Joyce says she doesn't change the direction and has a fan in every room.

Kathy says she does change the direction with the seasons and has fans in each room.

Pinkie says that she has one fan and changes the direction, too.

I have several and don't change, either.

So, I think that, depending on where you live, you might or might not change the fan direction, but it does save energy to use ceiling fans in the summer and the winter. Dear Heloise:

I bought an extra bottle of perfume because my favorite fragrance is being discontinued. What is the best way to store perfume? Thank you.

C. Mlay, Mansfield, Ohio

I'm with you! I've been wearing the same scent for more than 25 years, and I stock up, too! Normally, perfume has a shelf life of about a year, according to the experts. For best storage, don't store near direct heat, sunlight or high humidity. Sometimes keeping it in the refrigerator is a good idea if your home doesn't have air conditioning. As perfume ages, it starts to change color, and the scent gets lighter. Once you start to see this, you need to use the remaining perfume.

P.S. I've kept real perfume (not cologne) for many years in a dark, cool closet, and it's fine.

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