Wonkette, Taking Blogs From Geek to Chic

Celebrating her 32nd birthday and arrival as a New York Times Sunday mag cover girl, Ana Marie Cox -- better known for her dirty-minded Internet persona, Wonkette -- had a predictable reaction to the latest article boosting her fame: "I liked the part about me being a bitchy lush," she told us at a party in her honor at a U Street rooftop bar Sunday night. (Also predictably, she was quaffing champagne.)

The piece elevated Cox to goddess status in the blogosphere, detailing her activities -- not to be confused with "work," we assure you -- at the Democratic and Republican conventions. The cover featured Cox in a white tank top -- the better, perhaps, to show off what the article described as her "peachy cream skin" -- flanked by old-media campaign scribe Jack Germond and fellow veteran R.W. Apple Jr.

"I liked the photo, and Jack Germond has never looked better," chimed in Republican lobbyist Jeffrey Weiss, attending the party with wife Juleanna Glover Weiss and 40 others who actually know what a "blog" is. Germond and Apple, alas, did not attend.

Inexplicably, the piece overlooked one key fact: Cox is married. Her husband of 41/2 years -- Mr. Wonkette, also known as Chris Lehmann, formerly of The Post and now an editor at New York magazine -- called it a "weird detail to omit." But, he said, "the blog is a persona. I think our marriage proves that you can talk slutty and still be a devoted spouse." The couple abide separately during the week -- he in New York, she in Arlington -- and commute on weekends. "We are bi-municipal and plan to stay that way as long as my job demands I be in Washington," Wonkette informed us.

. . . Meanwhile, at Another Washington Bar

* First daughter Jenna Bush was back at one of her favorite hangouts Saturday night, drinking in the atmosphere with about 20 friends at Smith's Point in Georgetown. A witness tells us the revelry included shots and beer. Without confirming specific libations consumed, owner Bo Blair told us yesterday, "It's a bar -- people drink." But: "No problems. Nothing out of the ordinary. . . . They're a really nice group. Jenna's super-sweet."

As the night wore on, the party-loving twin "started to cover her face with her hair," the witness says, elaborating on a report that appeared yesterday on AMERICAblog.org. As much as they love drinking themselves, those bloggers seem to love writing about drinking even more.

Annals of Puffery

An Occasional Verbatim Press Release

* "Bushier-browed candidates have lost the popular vote in the last four presidential elections, according to the nation's capital's experts on grooming. In a recent survey by Grooming Lounge, 92 percent of respondents say Senator John Kerry has the most pronounced 'eyebrows of mass destruction' of the two candidates. 'In order to prevent history from repeating itself, we believe Kerry needs to have his eyebrows groomed,' said Mike Gilman, co-founder of Grooming Lounge. 'We would recommend waxing or trimming them to reduce the furriness and give Kerry a better shot at winning over the public.' "


* Politics as performance art: Actor Martin Sheen, who portrays the president on "The West Wing," campaigned Saturday in North Carolina on behalf of Democratic congressional candidate Beth Troutman, who worked for four years as an assistant on the hit TV series. They teamed up to blame the real prez, George Bush, for lost jobs in the textile industry. A former Miss Raleigh, Troutman, 27, is trying to unseat Republican Rep. Robin Hayes and reveals in her campaign bio: "Working on 'The West Wing' gave me the chance to help present some of the most complicated issues of our time to millions of viewers." The characters' integrity and values, "albeit expressed through entertainment, embody everything that seems currently lost in Washington," she asserts.

* Speaking of entertainment: Joe Cahn, who bills himself as the world's only "professional tailgater," was campaigning for the presidency yesterday at FedEx Field. "Are we liberal? Eh, more medium -- medium rare," the Tailgating Party stand-bearer told us. Traveling to the nation's stadiums in his RV, Cahn has support from a special interest group, Campbell's Chunky Soup, which donates a can to food banks for every mile he travels. "I'm the only candidate that's giving back to the community," he declares.

* No soup for you, fatso: The latest salvo in the battle over the national waistline enlists Larry Thomas, famed as "the Soup Nazi" on "Seinfeld," in a TV spot produced by the Center for Consumer Freedom -- a Washington advocacy group with ties to the liquor, tobacco and restaurant industries. Thomas barks at restaurant patrons as they step on a scale: "Nothing for you! Only salad!" and "Come back when you're thinner." The $250,000 ad campaign, which debuts today, asks, "Has the war on obesity gone too far?" (Personally, we support any good fight: News has been a little slow since the nation so handily won the wars on drugs and terrorism.)

With Robert Massey